Assertiveness, pioneering spirit and high-level comprehension enable a working method characterized by action and detailed accuracy.

    • Strategic planning
    • Software and product development | Pirate Thinking  (the approach to innovation and creativity in leadership because pirates were ambitious and driven individuals who believed in a vision and did all they could to achieve it).
    • Digitalization | Artifical Intelligence | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | Blockchain | IOT | Solar Eco-Tec
    • Implementation of new products within the company processes and in the market
    • Precise analysis of the findings obtained
    • Data analysis
    • Cybersecurity
    • International high-level network


    Recognizing the many small details, working diligently on the many small tasks, keeping at it – only then success can be kept up in the medium to long term.  Anyone who hides details lacks the attention to details; thus, anyone who lacks the attention to details can never complete the puzzle, since a puzzle consisting of 500 pieces would remain uncompleted even with 498 pieces placed.

    In this connection, knowledge transfer in action is of highest priority for me. Knowledge is power. As such, applying knowledge – even at very high levels – requires harmonious intelligence.

    Shaping the radius in the best possible way, independently and with like-minded people, as well as effectively working in the present for the future – that is service to humanity.

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