Certainly, the blockchain technology is the next decisive invention since the commercialization of the internet in the New Economy phase of the 1990s. It will also remain with the entry into the quantum computer era.

    In efficient workshops and with the blockchain canvas I have developed, we can explore which services and products concerning this new technology are interesting for your enterprise, what makes sense for your company, which process optimizations are involved and which existing blockchains are of use to you.

    BLOCKCHAIN OPENS OPPORTUNITIES ALSO APART FROM ANARCHO-CAPITALISTIC DREAMS: ” Today nobody pays with bitcoins,” Petra Augustyn says. “Furthermore we do not have a working cryptocurrency for small amounts which is useful directly at the Point of Sales serving as an eco-system for the customers. Here I see a chance for ktschng.“

    I also show you options regarding the topic of cryptocurrencies and how to start approaching it with integrity. Also, summits, workshops and seminars are organized in cooperation with partners.  For more informations pls send EMAIL