Petra Augustyn is an Austrian entrepreneur, business builder, founder of and Artifical Intelligence and robots are taking on  increasing roles in life and business, but the aspect of ethics therein has not yet caught up. Petra is a pioneer in these areas and is helps in accelerating the pace of this development.

    Petra Augustyn studied business administration, art history and philosophy at the University of Vienna and Zurich while joining the production management of ORF Vienna (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) in the media industry. After successful years in the new economy, she served in managerial activities as a marketing and E-commerce manager for corporations (Austria’s first online purchasable insurance). In 2002 she moved from Vienna to Hamburg and founded UNDER PAR Ltd. – an internationally operating real estate development company. This resulted in UNDER PAR Publishing Ltd. with the projects UNDER PAR E_Paper and MUSEUM TV. Both projects were successfully sold to a media company.

    Petra Augustyn was Vice President of the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) Austria in its founding phase 2002-2004. During a break between 2011-2015, Petra served in the art mediation of the Albertina Vienna. She used to live in Hamburg, Zurich and London. Today, Petra runs a consulting company where she demonstrates to corporations the new worlds in the subject of digitalization, lectures key notes on artificial intelligence and ethics, and she is the founder of and (AI Project).

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    Constructive, structured order and you should measure them by their actions. Rationale: Performers jump daily over their own shadow.
    Trust and direct, honest communication are the foundation and the key premise.
    Assertiveness, pioneering spirit and high-level comprehension facilitate a working method characterized by action and attention to detail.